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MIDEM offers either full project solutions or consultancy services within

management, engineering and in the field of installation.



Structural verifiction

MIDEM offers highly skilled and experienced services within this field from working with nuclear and process industry. Here we are specialized in dynamic analyses, fatigue, piping, cisterns and components.

Mechanical & Process Design

We offer experienced assistance within these fields. This can be done either at our home office or at costumer site with a great variety of software.

Automation and electrical

Within this fields we offer experienced consultancy assistance.

Project Management

MIDEM offers experienced and certified Project Managers and Project Engineers to help out. Regardless if it’s an assignment on site to assist in completing a local project or back-office for delivery of a complete solution.

Our Project Managers and engineers are also available for Installation/Construction Management and have BAS U/P certificates.

Installation Lead / Construction Manager

This is a very important role during installation and require a competent, experienced individual. This is to make sure that the installation will be as planned and with a successful outcome.

MIDEM offers experienced personnel within the field of Installation/Construction management with BAS-U/P certificates.

HSE - Health, Safety & Environment

MIDEM offers experienced personnel within this field. Regardless if it’s project planning activities or field work, all work needs to be performed with safety in mind. The role of HSE is thereby important to reduce risks and create a safe work environment.

Products and Manufacturing

Mechanical production

Piping, supports, platforms etc.

Creative products

Kajak-valves; designed, produced and patented by MIDEM.

Fire/heat protective plates


Creative mind

MIDEM has many years of experience within invention and protection, from though to product. We will gladly help out and support new ideas and use our contacts to make it a reality.

If you have an idea that you would like to turn into reality, please contact us and we will help you out.

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Our ambition is to support the creative mind! We gladly support inventive solutions and use our expertise as well as contacts to make it a reality.

If you have questions about our company and what services we provide or if you have an idea you would like to realize, please get in touch and we will support if possible.

Florettgatan 29C

254 67 Helsingborg

+46 (0)725 - 56 81 15

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